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Solovki' calvaryIt is known from the legends about Solovki as the center of the Hyperborean civilization. At the beginning of the last century, one of the horrible Stalin’s death camps was organized at this site. Such sufferings, which the prisoners of the Gulag in Solovki endured, hadn’t been known to the humanity before.

The great martyrdom of Solovki will be the redemption and transfiguration for the future of Russia and the whole world. That’s why Solovki as mystical capital of the Gulag, are named the Second Golgotha. As the messenger of the Second Solovetsky Calvary, blessed John was mysteriously introduced by the elders in the mystical treasure trove of Solovki. Glorifying the exploits of the martyrs he accepted the special cross of being persecuted for revealing the truth about Solovki.

Blessed John Bereslavsky wrote 7 volumes, united by a general name – “Solovetsky Gospel” in which he opened the world the great mysteries of the Second Solovetskay Calvary: “O, the most blessed Lamb, praised at Sekirnaya mountain. The sea of the tears…”

Blessed John BereslavskyBLESSED JOHN: “As the first messenger of the Second Solovetsky Calvary I am eager to reveal to mankind the triumphal music of a hundred thousand council of highly exalted and rapturous, standing under the great and small crowns, with the incorruptible relics, lying in the land”. John Bereslavsky became the heir of the branch of Solovki, realizing that his earthly father also related to the mystery of Solovki.

In the 1939th year his father, Jacob Bereslavsky, the engineer and inventor, was arrested on the neighbor’s accusation. In Butyrskaya prison a mysterious event happened to him- Jacob met the great elder Seraphim Solovetsky, who predicted him: ” You will be miraculously freed by the grace of God. Going out to freedom, you will give birth to a son. He will be the greatest prophet. ” The words of Seraphim came true. Soon Jacob was indeed released from the prison. And in autumn of 1946 his son was born.Serafim - Patriarch Solovetsky

Seraphim the Most Touched, named the king of the Second Golgotha and the Solovetsky patriarch, had spent 39 years in the Gulag. He passed the unprecedented gift to Blessed John – Solovetsky Chalice, which had collected the last myrrh drops of blood from every martyr, suffered and died in the death camps of Solovki. This fiery Chalice is called the Solovetsky Grail.

Grail of SolovkyThe Holy Grail with myrrh blood of Christ is of great spiritual strength and really transforms the person. This is the Chalice, which was in the hands of Joseph of Arimathea, and in which Christ’s blood was collected, and it transubstantiated into myrrh compounds of virginity.

The subject of the Grail is originally regarded as the second in the importance after Christ. “From the Second Solovetskaya Golgotha,- says Blessed John, – the Grail has been again returned to mankind.”

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Mistery of Solovky' Calvary

Mistery of Solovky' Calvary

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